Fox Pass Pottery show room on a rare, snowy, day for Arkansas

Jim and Barbara Larkin built Fox Pass Pottery in 1973. Jim’s work is made on the potter’s wheel and Barbara’s is handbuilt. Jim and Barbara often work together on thrown and carved pieces. They mix their clay from several different clays and minerals to make an attractive and durable stoneware. They also mix their own glazes, which are formulated for specific colors and surface qualities. After glazing, the pottery is fired in either a gas or woodfired kiln to 2350 degrees F. The finished pieces are durable and chip resistant, dishwasher safe, and safe to use in the oven or microwave. Jim and Barbara invite you to visit Fox Pass Pottery and observe the activity in the studio, talk with the potters, and browse in the show room.

The 2-chambered wood fired salt kiln is a new addition to Fox Pass. It is heated to approximately 2350 degrees F. with wood as the fuel. At the peak temperature salt is then injected into the kiln. The atmosphere created by the combination of flame, wood ash and sodium from the salt act on the clays and glazes to create beautiful and distinctive surface effects. Often the exteriors of pottery fired in this kiln have no glazes applied to them, relying only on the glazing effects of the ash and salt.